Rheza Pahlevi

It's turn out I have some skills that I learned. The university I go help me to shape me as a person. and Help me feel the same like everybody else that graduated. But everything depends on you for what you're going to do. No one else.

My Portfolio

TicketBot for Messenger

My attempt for Facebook Messenger Platform. The Chat bot use NLP to filter the location typed by the user, and instantly showing the result on the messenger window. Written in . Chat bot to book a ticket in Indonesia • Try it Here. (2016)

Pure for Flickr

The most fun project I can ever have. I'm thinking to update my first iOS application at that time. The application was made in less than a week on my internship period. Mostly working at my Home after I go to work. I keep thinking about this project during that week. See how beautiful • it is. (2013)

My Final Year Project for Bachelor Degree

The biggest project I have ever made. The backend Fully made on Java Servlet. Image Hosting on S3 AWS (Directly uploaded from phone to S3 AWS). The backend run on Heroku Platform. and Android Application. Too much awesomeness on this application. The timeline I'm working on the server is visualized • here. The application demo is • here and • here. (2012)

Jobbe Android App

I create simple application for Github Jobs. They have the api available on their site. but nobody make the application. I create • Jobbe: Github jobs finder. (2012)

Learn Iqra iOS App

I use Cocos2d to make this application. At first I made for iOS only, after I got more free time, right away I'm working on the android version. Demo video is • here. (2011)

Eznote Windows Phone App

Simple note application with upload and folder features. The App was made natively written in C# with • SterlingDB. The backend code was coded in PHP with MySQL database. We are invited to Kuching because of this. You can see the video here, • here. (2011)

Potretr iOS App

First application, Made natively with the help of three20 library. I didn't take my short semester to make this. Just after I pass my basic C++ and Java course subject. Demo video is • here. (2010)